What Is Algaecide For Ponds?

Algaecide used in a pool

Algaecide is a chemical that controls and reduces algae growth in ponds and other aquatic environments. Here at Panhandle Ponds, we want each and every one of our outdoor features to look spectacular and crystal clear. But it’s not always as simple as putting some algaecide in your pond and waiting. Instead, we have to […]

Pond Maintenance Tips for a Blissful Summer in Florida’s Unique Climate

fresh water pond

Florida’s beautiful climate brings warmth and sunshine to your backyard pond, creating a perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyment. At Panhandle Ponds, we understand the importance of keeping your pond healthy, clean, and beautiful throughout the season, especially given Florida’s unique weather conditions. In this blog post, we will share some essential spring maintenance tips […]

6 Pond Cleaning Tools You Should Have In Your Arsenal

pond cleaning tools

Ponds are a gorgeous addition to any homeowner’s property. They provide a haven of peace where one can unwind and recharge. However, keeping a pond clean and healthy is not always easy. Debris, algae, and other pollutants will accumulate in your pond over time if you don’t keep it clean. Fortunately, there is a wide […]

6 Mandatory Steps For Winterizing Koi Pond

winterizing koi pond

Winterizing your Koi pond is a crucial task for keeping your fish healthy during the colder months. The process entitles preparing your fish and the pond they live in for the winter season. You have to ensure they have the necessary protection to survive the cold season. But what exactly does this mean for someone […]

Discover The Must Have Pond Treatments For An Aesthetic And Healthy Pond

pond treatement

As a pond owner, you care deeply about the beauty and health of your pond. Having to deal with problems such as green water or excessive fish waste is never pleasant. Thankfully, there are some must have pond treatments that make it easier to turn our pond from dirty to divine, so let’s talk about […]

What Does It Take To Have A Pond In Pensacola, FL?

what does it take to have a pond

Ponds are beautiful water features that many homeowners in Pensacola, FL, and surrounding areas love for several reasons. And while these have a lot of benefits, having a pond in your backyard implies many responsibilities that you’ll need to attend to. Among these, pond maintenance is the toughest one. Without meaning to scare you off, […]