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Your existing outdoor foundation stopped working overnight? Let's get it fixed for you!

Fountain Repair Services Florida

Your water feature complements your outdoor space and gives you a chance to watch some beautiful, exotic birds cool down in it.

But even a fountain needs to be repaired from time to time. Its filter might be outdated, the pump broke, or the fountain itself might need some minor repairs to make it look good again. 

Here at Panhandle Ponds in Gulf Breeze, FL, we’ve repaired hundreds of fountains for homeowners around here, and we can help you as well!

Certified Aquascape Contractor

Certified Rainwater Harvest

17th Best Pond Builder In The World

Certified Firestone Installers

US Green Building Council Member

HEADSHOT of Bubba - owner of Panhandle Ponds

Bubba, owner Panhandle Ponds

Hi, I’m Bubba, and I created Panhandle Ponds to help more homeowners benefit from the wonders of water features. Our goal is to bring the gift of quality time and enjoyment into every backyard we set foot in while rolling out the red carpet for every customer.

A Fountain Repair Service That Takes Care Of Everything

Fountain in backyard

We’re taking our fountain repair service the extra mile by giving our customers some perks that no other contractor in the area offers! With Panhandle Ponds, you’ll get:

Let’s build the perfect outdoor setup with:

Here Are Just A Few Of The Fountains We Worked On ​

We’ve fixed dozens, if not hundreds, of outdoor water features. Whether they were ponds, fountains, urns, or anything in between, we’ve brought them back to their former glory. Here’s what they look like now…

2000+ fountains repaired

85+ 5-star reviews

25+ years in business

If you’re ready to commit and get your fountain repair fixed by a pro, get in touch at (850) 723-0511 or request a free quote, and we’ll circle back within a business day!

Homeowners Love Working With Us

Our clients in Gulf Breeze, FL, and surrounding areas loved our reliability and professionalism, and we’re confident that you will too!


Robert Murrah​


Excellent work in a very professional manner. 

The results of our new pond and fountain is fantastic with multiple complements in the first days after completion. 

Would highly recommend Panhandle Ponds!!

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Julie Harris


Bubba and his team are so helpful and courteous. 

I am just getting started with taking over a Koi pond they previously serviced and they have been responsive and kind in helping me “winterize” the pond while I was away. 

Thank you Bubba!

Fountain Repair Cost In Gulf Breeze, FL

Our basic fountain cleaning service starts at $500 and it includes draining, pressure washing, and clean out. We could also reseal it if needed. Fixing leaking fountains and broken pumps start at $225.
small fountainscape project

Fountain Cleaning

starts at $500*

Includes draining, pressure washing, clean out. Resealing may be offered if needed.

medium fountainscape project

Leaking Fountain

starts at $225*

We take care of cracks, splashing, and more. We’ll consult you over the phone as sometimes it’s just a leaf that’s stuck which  you can remove yourself.

large fountainscape project

Pump problems

starts at $225*

This could be just a pump cleanup that can solve the problem. Pump replacement, in case of a defective pump, starts at $300.

* Please note that prices are rough estimates and may change based on location, space, design, and materials. You’ll get an exact quote after our in-house consultation.

With Panhandle Ponds, FL, your fountain repair project is in the best hands possible. In over 25 years of building and fixing water features, we’ve dealt with every problem these features can have. Get us on your project and make sure you’re 100% successful!

We're Taking Care Of Everything For You!

Regardless of the scope of work, we’ve taken care of everything for you. This way, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your fountain come back to its former glory.
We offer a cost-effective fountain repair service that focuses on efficiency. You’ll get a fair and honest pricing quote that’ll include everything your fountain needs. From then, it’s up to you whether or not you want to fix your beautiful water feature.
We want you to return to your day-to-day life as soon as possible, and we’ll do everything in our power to finish your project according to our initial schedule. We’ll be fast without sacrificing the quality of our work, so you can enjoy your outdoors and we can move on to our next client.

A Fountain Repair Service That Just Flows

Our process is all about making sure you’re comfortable and feeling good. A quick fountain repair project shouldn’t cause any hassle or stress, and we’ve made sure of that!



Tell us what happened with your fountain, and we’ll do everything in our power to fix it.



We get to work according to our timeline. You’ll have complete control over everything.



Your fountain is up and running again! Enjoy watching all the birds playing around it!


The repair method for a leaking water fountain depends on the specific issue. For small cracks or holes, using epoxy or a sealant can often solve the problem.

If the pump is not working, replacing the pump and piping may be necessary. If the leak is caused by large cracks, sealing the gaps might not be effective, so a replacement may be needed.

This depends on the severity and location of the crack, as well as other factors, such as the material the fountain is made of and the overall condition of the fountain. Sometimes, the crack can be sealed or filled with epoxy to prevent further damage.

However, if the crack is too severe or if the fountain is in poor condition, it may be beyond repair, and a replacement may be necessary.

As simple as they appear, fountains need to be properly cared for in order to maintain their beauty and functionality. Regular cleaning, proper water levels, and addressing any leaks or other issues promptly can go a long way in keeping your fountain in top shape.

Whether to repair or replace a fountain ultimately depends on several factors. If the fountain holds sentimental value, such as a family heirloom, restoring it may be the preferred option.

However, if the fountain is beyond repair or replacing it would be more cost-effective, then getting a new one may be the best choice. It’s important to consider the cost and value of the fountain, as well as the level of difficulty and cost associated with the repair when making this decision.

Get Your Fountain Repaired By Reliable Pros

Whether your fountain has been malfunctioning for a while or it just broke down, getting it fixed will make you feel proud of your outdoor space once again. A fountain is, after all, the focal point of most backyards, so you’d want yours to be working perfectly and ensure everyone sees how wonderful it is.

If that’s what you’ve been looking for all along, give us a call at (850) 723-0511 or request a free pricing quote to learn more about your fountain repair cost in Gulf Breeze, FL.

(takes 1-2 min)


Donna Franklin


Dreamscapes [Panhandle Ponds] did a great job cleaning our pond and making the waterfall so much better!

Three very polite, professional young men showed up right on time and quickly got the pond drained and cleaned.

I asked them to make an elevation change in the waterfall, which they did in no time. I am VERY happy with their service, and I will definitely use them again. Highly recommend!


David Hogan


After contacting multiple companies Dreamscapes [Panhandle Ponds] was the only company to call and show up when they said they would.

Extremely knowledgeable on ponds, fish and water plants.

They turned my plain backyard into my own backyard paradise. Definitely recommend!

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