The Best Pond Building In Gulf Breeze, FL

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The Best Pond Building In Gulf Breeze garden pond

Installing a water feature in your backyard can be a valuable investment as it can turn your outdoor area into a peaceful and calming retreat that can boost your health and peace of mind, but also your home’s value on the market.

Our pond building costs start at around $6k for a 50 sq. ft. pond equipped with the bare minimum. For a 200 sq. ft. pond that has more plants, rocks, boulders, and a small waterfall, you’ll pay around $27k.

With Panhandle Ponds in Gulf Breeze, FL, you’re getting a world-class water feature that’s guaranteed to leave everyone in your backyard speechless!

garden pond with water and deck

A Pond Building Service That Keeps On Overdelivering!

At Panhandle Ponds, we prioritize your satisfaction and guarantee complete contentment with our work. Our promise is to provide value that goes beyond your expectations.

With Panhandle Ponds, you’ll also get:

Reliable And Premium Pond Building - Now At Your Doorstep

Ponds are more than water features. They’re an oasis of relaxation for you and your loved ones, and a living space for all the wildlife that it will sustain. It’ll bring nature closer to your property, and peace closer to your state of mind.

At Panhandle Ponds, we offer a comprehensive pond building service that delivers exceptional quality and a fair and honest price.

You’ll get a pond that’s fully functional and incredibly beautiful, perfect to complement any outdoor space and entertain your guests. But for your pond to reach this level of perfection, you’ll want to partner with a professional that can guarantee a long-lasting investment, not just any contractor.

Check out our pond building service in Gulf Breeze, FL! Boost your property’s value and curb appeal with a backyard that’ll leave every passerby speechless!

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11′ × 16′ pond with a 15′ long stream

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We’ve built dozens of ponds for homeowners in Florida and Tennessee. Now, they all have a thing in common – a beautiful pond that makes their outdoor spaces 2x better! Here’s what they all say about working with us!
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Donna Thurmond​


They installed a pond in my backyard last year and I have enjoyed it immensely! I love the natural, organic design.

They just came this year to drain and clean out — and they did a thorough job and it’s clean and sparkling!

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Rick Ouellette​


Always excellent quality and service in the work that Dreamscapes does because they care!

Check Out Some Of Our Past Projects

Our portfolio showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. Check out the ponds we have built in Gulf Breeze, FL, and surrounding areas!

Pond Building Materials

To have a fully functional pond, there are many factors to consider beyond just stones and water. We will provide a detailed explanation of your options, but the ultimate decision of what materials to use for your pond is yours.


Ponds require a lot of decorative aggregates – or stones. They’ll help define the shape of your pond and transform it from a basic backyard feature into a stunning water display.
Some of the most popular stones used in pond building are slate chippings and paddle stones, gravel and other aggregates, cobbles and pebbles, and even boulders for larger ponds.

Pond rocks

Filtration Mechanism

Because ponds are artificial, their water quality and cleanliness depend on us. To maintain a healthy and clear pond, you will require a pond filter.

Selecting the right pond filter depends on several factors, including the size of your pond, the amount of sunlight it receives, and the number of plants and fish present. Each filter has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the best water filters on the market are OASE BioSmart Pond Filter, Laguna Pressure Flo Filter, and Pond Boss Filter Kit.

You’ll find pond water filters from as cheap as $50 to over $1,000 for a high-quality and high-volume pond water filter.

Water filter for ponds


There are many plant options available for your water feature, which can enhance your pond’s ecosystem and give it a more finished appearance. Here are just some of the plants you can get:
plants and trees in a backyard with a pond


While koi fish are commonly found in ponds, many other animals can live in and around your pond without causing harm.

Among the fully submerged plants or the floating plants, homeowners can also add:

A frog in a clear pond

A High-Quality Pond Building In Gulf Breeze, FL

We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout our pond-building process. You’ll have a straightforward and easy-to-follow experience, with open communication and the ability to make important decisions for your project.



Contact us, and let’s discuss your project.



We’ll do a thorough clean-up of your pond.



Enjoy the serenity of your water feature!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of constructing a pond in Gulf Breeze, FL varies based on the size of the water feature and the materials desired for the project.

To clarify, a 50 square foot pond with lighting and auto waterfill typically costs around $6,000. For a larger pond that is 200 square feet, homeowners should expect to pay approximately $27,000.

It takes four days to complete most medium-sized ponds. However, larger or more complex projects may require at least two weeks or more. But, constructing a pond may take longer than expected due to extreme weather conditions or last-minute changes.

At our on-site consultation, you’ll get a more precise timeline that we’ll follow by the book.

The ROI of a landscaping project, such as adding a pond, can vary depending on the project.

According to real estate experts, investing in smart landscape designs can yield a return on investment ranging from 200 to 400%. This means that you can potentially get a significant amount of money back from this investment.

Additionally, some experts suggest that a home’s landscape and gardens can contribute up to 28% of the overall value of the property.

We are thrilled to be working with a highly skilled team of professionals who are fully insured, licensed, and trained by industry experts. Our expertise lies in every tool, technique, and code related to pond cleaning services, which is unique to our company.

Get A Professional On Your Upcoming Pond Building In Gulf Breeze, FL

To get the most value for your money, it’s essential to collaborate with an expert in pond building, as it is a significant investment.

At Panhandle Ponds, we’re dedicated to providing you with a premium pond that is both long-lasting and visually appealing, all at a fair price that doesn’t break the bank.

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