What Does It Take To Have A Pond In Pensacola, FL?

Ponds are beautiful water features that many homeowners in Pensacola, FL, and surrounding areas love for several reasons.

And while these have a lot of benefits, having a pond in your backyard implies many responsibilities that you’ll need to attend to.

Among these, pond maintenance is the toughest one.

Without meaning to scare you off, let’s discuss what does it take to have a pond so you can be fully prepared for whatever comes with it!

Let’s begin!

what does it take to have a pond at home

Pond Water Maintenance

We’re starting off with pond maintenance because it’s what will take the most time and worry.

Ponds are water features that help create an ecosystem around them. Overlooking this feature in your backyard will only cause more and more issues and chores, so maintenance is of utmost importance.

Leave the pond unattended for a couple of weeks, and it’ll quickly turn into an ugly and smelly puddle.

So, here’s what pond maintenance means.

Cleaning The Pond With A Pool Pole

The most frequent chore you’ll have around your pond will be cleaning the water in it. Use a pool pole to catch leaves, twigs, or other debris the wind might bring.

Removing Algae And Weeds

Pond chemicals and natural treatments play a big role in pond maintenance but use them wrong, and you’re risking the life of all the fish inside the pond. Planktonic algae (the bright green on the surface) or filamentous algae (stringy, hairy algae) are beneficial in small amounts. You’ll need pond chemicals when they start covering more than 20% of your pond.

If you encounter blue-green algae, you’ll need to get rid of it as soon as possible, as this type of algae is toxic not just for fish but also for wildlife and humans. The easiest way to treat your pond would be with copper algaecide.

two men fixing a pond

Keeping The Beneficial Bacteria Balanced

Beneficial pond bacteria are present both in the water and within the pond filter, which is integral in keeping your waters crystal clear and invigorated. These helpful microbes break down organic sludge caused by dead plants, leaves, fish food residue, fertilizer particles, and decomposing algae — all while efficiently reducing environmental odors.

Probiotic bacteria are crucial for the health of your pond, transforming dangerous ammonia into nitrites and then finally into beneficial nitrates. Nitrates nourish aquatic vegetation, ensuring that all ecosystem life can survive. Additionally, these helpful microbes reduce potentially hazardous nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Pond Hardware Maintenance

The water and the ecosystem in your pond definitely need to be treated and properly taken care of, but so does all the hardware that goes into your pond construction. In fact, the parts that go into building a pond will usually aid you in keeping the water pond healthy too!
Water filter for ponds


Pond filters are crucial in keeping your pond’s water clean and its ecosystem healthy. Without them, pollutants and debris can accumulate, creating an unhealthy environment for the fish, plants, and other organisms living in the pond.


Pond pumps are essential pieces of hardware for any pond. Ponds need continuous water circulation to reduce the presence of stagnant water, which can create an unhealthy environment for fish, plants, and other organisms living in the pond (like the algae we mentioned earlier.)


A pond liner is an integral part of a pond, and it works by providing a waterproofing layer that prevents seepage or leakage from the pond. It is usually made from plastic or rubber sheeting designed to create a long-lasting seal.

Water Agitator

A water agitator is an important piece of hardware used in a pond. It works by adding oxygen, nutrients, and bacteria to the water and helping improve overall circulation. This creates a healthier environment for the fish, plants, and other organisms living in the pond.
water filter repair

How Does A Pond Impact Your Backyard?

It’s well-known that ponds are extremely beneficial for your day-to-day life and mood. Studies have shown that flowing water can aid in relaxation and help you relax.

But what will it mean for your backyard?

Less Usable Square Footage

Ponds can be anywhere from 50 square feet to over 600 square feet. And while they’re great, you won’t be able to have anything else in that area. If you weren’t going to do anything with that space anyway, then a pond might be perfect!

More Insects, Animals, And Critters

Ponds create a large ecosystem. They bring together plants, birds, insects, and other living things. While some of these are cute and beautiful, having a bunch of mosquitos in your backyard is nobody’s cup of tea.

Higher Water And Energy Bills

Having a pond will also increase your water and energy bills slightly. After all, that pump consumes energy, and that pond is full of water. Indeed, you’re only filling the pond once every few months, but the costs can add up, especially if the liner is damaged and you’re constantly losing water.
Medium pond maintenance


While we don’t want you to reconsider getting a pond, we do want to let you in on our customers’ most common concerns and issues. Ultimately, we have your best interests at heart and want you to be fully satisfied with your investment.

That being said, we do have solutions for every issue we mentioned in this article.

We offer complete pond maintenance and high-quality pond-building services to all of our customers in Pensacola, FL, and surrounding areas. We’re experts in water features, so we can build you a pond free of all the downsides that might come with it!

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